Amazon Echo With Wulian Home Automation

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With this Alexa skill, you can control smart home devices and activate scenes.

Ensure your gateway is online, enable this skill, and enter your gateway ID & password. This skill is now enabled.



The new Echo and Echo Dot 2 by Amazon is a wonderful voice assistance device which has almost all the features of making it a smart device. You can ask it to read out news, play music, read e-books, control your smart home and much more.

Now you can instruct Alexa “Alexa, discover devices”.
Use the command “Alexa, turn on {scene name}” to activate scenes, and “Alexa, turn on/off {device name}” to control devices (partial devices supported).




















If gateway password has been modified or another Alexa is connected to the same gateway ID(one gateway only for one Alexa account), you will need to re-enable the skill to make Alexa communicate .


Here is short demo video of Alexa With Wulian Home Automation



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