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With years of R&D efforts, metallic switch serial finished trial production successfully and is ready for massive production now. Comparing to previous switch serial, what’s new on this metallic switch? Let’s go below and see

                                                                                                                   About Design


Cover Shell
iPhone level process technology

  • Aviation aluminum as material:  good toughness & high hardness
  • Anodization as production technology:  good wear resistance & high corrosion resistance
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) as process method: good machining precision & high product uniformity


                                                                                               About Bottom Case 


Bottom Case
Unibody design

Unibody design with no shell openings brings better feel of visual entirety and higher structural strength.
More important, it means wulian switch has better heat radiation ability, and internal components operates stably even without openings.


                                                                                                       About Shades 


It Comes in 4 shades Champaign Gold , Rose Gold, Space Grey, Moonlight Silver 


                                                                                           About Switch 


  • Compatible to All Power Distribution Systems

The wiring of the power distribution in switch cartridges can be categorized into L wiring (single live line wiring) and N+L wiring (neutral line + live line wiring). Under different wirings in power distribution, L wiring switch and L+N wiring switch are just not compatible with each other, or even with completely different internal design. For this reason, Wulian exclusively developed the “L/L+N wiring self adaptive lighting control switch”, which will simplify purchase selection and installation for end users. From now on, consumer has no need to learn electricity knowledge first and check wiring type in switch cartridges before choosing product, just buy and replace old ones.

  • 4 in1 function

L wiring switch, L+N wiring switch, binding switch and scene switch, are all in one product now.
(Note: how to use 4 in 1 function will be introduced by next post)

  • Optimizing switch’s performance under L wiring and solve light flicker

Unlike traditional switch, smart switch’s job is not only connect or cut off power, but also realizes remote control, timing and linkage function by wireless communication. Electronic components inside smart switch need continuous and stable power supply, which is not a problem for L+N wiring switch, but a big problem for L wiring switch. Under L wiring, when light is off, it’s still necessary to have power supply to keep electronic components working. However, if electricity is too small, electronic components will fail to function; if too big, light will flicker intermittently.
wulian has optimized L wiring switch’s function with its years of R&D experiences. Now, metallic switch gets flicker problem solved quiet well


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