Smart WiFi Switch Relay

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It’s a Wi-Fi controller module designed to transform your traditional switch into Wi-Fi switch that allows the connected device to be controlled via a smartphone as well as traditional switch.


1. Remote Control
Control any household electrical appliance or lamp connected to this smart Wi-Fi switch module from anywhere, using “Tuya Smart” APP in your smartphone.
2. Voice Control

Each smart Wi-Fi switch module works with amazon alexa and google assistant, therefore, you can control anything connected to it with simple voice commands.

3. Countdown Mode

You’re able to set your lamps connected to the smart Wi-Fi switch module to automatically turn off countdown.

4. Set Schedules

You can set different schedule timers for any fixture connected to this Wi-Fi switch module to switch ON or OFF at set times every day. 

5. Easy to Use

Download “Tuya Smart” APP from APP store or Googlepaly or scan the QR code in our manual.

6. No Hub Required

Our smart Wi-Fi switch module uses your household existing Wi-Fi network. No need for a hub.

7. Share with Family

You can share the remote control with your family members after your smartphone is configured to the smart Wi-Fi switch module.

8. Still Work in the Local LAN

Our smart Wi-Fi switch module still work well on the local LAN after it’s configured to the router with ethernet and then unplug the fiber cable. 

Aihomestyle smart Wi-Fi switch modules conform to European quality and saftey stardands, CE & RoHs approved, tested by interteck lab.

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