Wulian 720p Wireless Look Ever Camera/ Wifi Camera Chennai

 In home automation, Security System, Wifi camera, Wireless Camera

Main Features:
• 2 Wireless Network: Support IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol
• ZigBee Technology: A smart home system communication protocol featuring short distance, low complexity, low energy consumption, low bit rate, low case and high security

• WiFi Connection: Support wireless, you can put it anywhere you want, and easy to install
• 720P High Definition: 720P footage, the definition is 3 times higher than ordinary cameras
• Account Sharing: Support multi-user access, you can share your video with friends by inputting their accounts
• Video Playback: Micro SD card playback at anytime, support video playback on client side
• SD Card Storage: Safe and permanent storage of video, support Micro SD local storage up to 32G(not included), you can playback at any time
• Talkback Function: MIC and loud-speaker are offered, two-way intercom, communication will be more convenient
• Motion Detection Technology: The smart phone will receive alarm when abnormal motion is detected, you could check the real-time status of your home property anytime and anywhere

• Support Zoom Shot: Zoom shot available
• Phone Monitor: User can receive message and watch videos remotely via smart phone and PC
• Real Time Intercom Function makes it easy for you to have video chat with your family even if far away from home
• High Compression Ratio: Adopts H.264 compression format and low bandwidth makes for clear and smooth image of remote camera shooting
• 111 Degree Wide View Angle Lens: Meet your different needs

• APP Remote Control, get rid of the traditional infant care is restricted by distance from the problem
• Super Compatibility: Support for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / iPad / iOS 7.0 or above and Android 4.0 or above smart device
• Also can be used as a security guard
• High definition optical glass lens with F2.0 makes the image of camera shooting clear and stable
• No dead angle monitoring with 360 degrees of pan and greater than 180 degrees of tilt rotation angle
• Delicate appearance and no wiring in installation

• Artistic APP interface with easy operation
• Specially designed for the baby and old people, nurse, can be timely monitor screen and passed on to the user’s mobile phone / computer
• User even if born in field, also can see children in the home through the device, clear images, and can through the mobile phone and care for the intercom / listening

• The gateway function of this product currently only supports Wulian ZigBee-based products
• Black color is 2.8mm Zoom, it can associated with 1 Wulian products
• White color is 3.6mm Zoom, it can associated with 3 Wulian products
• Blue color is 4.0mm Zoom, it can associated with 6 Wulian products

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